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Veteran-Crafted Creations From Florida's Heartland

2NCO Designs LLC is a small custom shop nestled in the heart of the Florida panhandle, proudly owned and operated by United States Marine Corps veterans, Dave and Angel Robison. Continue reading to learn more about 2NCO Designs LLC.

Angel's Journey

In her Marine Corps days, Angel found her calling as a 3531 Motor Transport driver, stationed at MCAGCC 29 Palms, California. A desert enthusiast, she continued her service in Law Enforcement, spanning roles from police dispatcher to Corrections Officer over 15 years.

Dave's Aviation Passion

Dave, an Aircrew Survival Equipment Mechanic in the Marine Corps, evolved into an avid history and aviation enthusiast. With 20 years in civilian and military aviation, he's realized childhood dreams while contributing to the industry as a mechanic, crew chief, and manager.

The Idea's Origin

Angel, now a stay-at-home mother, discovered her passion for stained-glass handcrafted decor after her mother's passing. With Dave's encouragement, Cowgirl Kustom Glass was born. The transition from stained-glass to 2NCO Designs marked a collaborative effort to create custom memorabilia and art using various mediums like stained-glass, wood, and epoxies.

Our Creative Journey

Now, as 2NCO Designs, we combine our artistic talents and techniques. Partnerships with renowned artists like Kelly Lynn McCook, Charles "Heater" Heatley III, and Mads Bangsø enrich our offerings. Join us on this creative journey as we handcraft unique art, decor, and more, sharing our passion and giving back to the communities that shaped our lives.

Discover the art of possibility with 2NCO Designs LLC. Connect with us to create a beautiful space.

A wooden model of an airplane with many controls.