Heater Heatley Collection

Heater always seemed to have a camera with him in the cockpit, and has captured some of the most breathtaking images ever witnessed.  Fast forward to 1986.  Flying the F-14 Tomcat and a instructor at Top Gun, little did he know that his other passion was about to enter another level.  Hollywood.  His photography, specifically a single picture, would be the catalyst for the movie Top Gun (1986).  We are honored and proud to offer Heater's aviation photography on on custom designed drinkware, wall décor, and other  memorabilia.  We are currently designing numbered, limited edition wall décor, and drinkware, and we always welcome custom commissions.

As Heater has 1000's of pictures he has taken during his military career, we cannot possibly show or list them all.  Check out  "The Cutting Edge and "Forged In Steel"  catalogs to choose  your favorite image of Heater's from his books.  If you want a photo of Heater's that is not in either book, contact us and we will contact Heater to see if we can accomodate your request.

The following link is of a interview Heater did in 1986 with The Morning Call talking about his book  "The Cutting Edge"


All of our wall décor offerings can be made with different mediums (or a combination of).  We have special processes and techniques that allow us to put vibrant full color prints on wood, metal, and canvas that capture all the colors and details of the original work.  These techniques allow us to create works that will not fade, yellow, tear, and protect your investment from heat and moisture.