Legend Panels

Legend Panels......the name says it all.  Our custom, made to order, handcrafted instrument panels of your favorite aircraft make the ultimate addition to any aviation enthusiast's collection.  These are not just a basic representation; we can create and customize any panel to a level of detail rivaled only by the real thing.  Each Legend Panel is exhaustively researched using actual aircraft manuals, military references, reference images, and our network of subject matter experts.  Radio frequencies, specific flight parameters, display screens, and switch positions can all be customized to represent a specific mission, flight, right down to a specific aircraft.  We pride ourselves on the painstaking research put into each and every Legend Panel, ensuring that you get the most accurate and beautiful piece of aviation art possible.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities and put you back in the cockpit or flight-deck!

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Legend Panels

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Skeets Fairfield Legend Panel Plaque

Legend Panels Plaque