The Mads Bangsø Collection

We are willing to bet that you will be as excited as we are about the opportunity to own these absolutely stunning pieces of aviation décor featuring the work of Mads Bangsø. Mads is an extremely talented freelance aviation digital artist that covers all spectrums of aviation. Mads has years of experience and an extensive catalog. Each and every piece of his work is just as stunning, detailed, and accurate as the next, and he is currently working on artwork and illustrations for several books. We are proud to offer custom drinkware and wall décor featuring the 2D lithographs and 3D portraits from his catalog. But there's more! If you desire a even more personalized touch, Mads will do limited customization of his lithographs to represent a specific aircraft or you can commission him for your very own original work! Each piece we create comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

All of our wall décor offerings are can be made from several different mediums (or a combination of). We have special processes and techniques that allow us to put vibrant full color prints on wood, metal, and canvas that capture all the colors and details of the original work. These techniques allow us to create works that will not fade, yellow, tear, and protect your investment from heat and moisture.