Circular logo for the hangar of honor project featuring the text "legend panels" and "what the legends flew", with small stars and icons of airplanes.

Welcome to the HANGAR OF HONOR Project

The goal of the Hangar of Honor Project is to display and educate present and future generations about the Congressional Medal of Honor, the aviators who received the CMOH, and the historical significance of the actions in which the Medal of Honor was awarded.  By doing this, the project serves as a ambassador of the recipients, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, and steward of history.

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The Vision

The Congressional Medal of Honor has been awarded to over 3500 recipients throughout our nation's history.  Many people associate the medal being awarded specifically for ground combat, and are not aware that over 100 Medals were awarded to aviators of the USAAF, USAF, USN, USMC, and US Army throughout our nation's history from WWI to Vietnam. 

The vision for the Hangar of Honor started with two Marines that realize these facts, have life long aviation affiliations as mechanics and aircrew, as well as being avid aviation and history enthusiasts. With such a small group of these specific recipients, it was felt that their stories must be told. 

Their stories had to be presented in a way that educates, preserves, and inspires about the Medal and these special recipients and extraordinary circumstances.  There is a current traveling display that honors all MOH recipients, and ideas were discussed on how to incorporate into the existing display a way to identify the aviators and focus on their stories.  Without drastically overhauling the existing display and causing the display to not be able to perform its mission, it was decided that a new display specifically honoring aviator Medal of Honor recipients was needed.

The Display

The idea of how to present the recipients, their stories, the Medal and history in a way that intrigues, educates, promotes S.T.E.M, and has provisions for those with disabilities, all while being completely self contained and mobile was the catalyst for the design of the Hangar of Honor traveling CMOH exhibit.  

Wanting to maintain the aviation theme throughout the display as well making it self contained and easy to transport logistically, the idea of using a retired CH-53 airframe modified to be "trailer", transportable without permits, was born. The CH-53 is a perfect airframe for this project for several reasons.  It has the dimensions needed for the display, is readily easy to convert to a easily accessed, and safe venue for patrons.  The "tube" of the fuselage, from the cockpit to the ramp will be utilized.  The entire "upper deck" would be stripped of all fairings and accessories to create a flat top, and the pylon would be removed and scrapped or re-purposed.  The sponsons would be removeable for transport and stowed internally.  Access to the display area will be the the ramp and the crew door modified as a ramp for safety and handicap accessibility. The landing gear would be used to support the display when set up for viewing.

Internally, this is where the "Hangar of Honor" truly comes to life.  A textile visual display consisting of handmade plaques of each recipient, featuring a handmade miniature instrument panel of the aircraft flown during the MOH mission, and a portrait of the recipient. A large touch screen informational kiosk containing data concerning the Medal of Honor, historical accounts, data of the aircraft involved, biographies of the recipients, details of their service and career, and other pertinent data.  An audio system will play narrations of the information contained in the visual kiosk.  It is planned to hopefully have the 63 surviving MOH recipients to narrate the audio portion as well as some well known veteran supporting actors.  These audio and visual displays will make the display accessible to enjoy for people with disabilities and promote S.T.E.M with the younger patrons.

The Mission

The mission of the Hangar of Honor is a needed and just one.  As evidenced by the full support of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. 

Once completed, it is planned that the Hangar of Honor will travel the US major airshow circuit for at least 2 full seasons, ensuring maximum exposure to one of its target educational groups; aviation enthusiast and historians.

Once the Hangar of Honor has completed it's mission of the airshow circuit, the next mission will be the "museum circuit".  It is planned to have the major national military museums of USAF Museum (Dayton, OH), Naval Aviation Museum (Pensacola, FL), USMC Museum (Quantico, VA), WWII Museum (New Orleans, LA) display the "hangar" on loan for timeframes TBD. Once the major museum circuit is completed, then it would be available for the smaller museums such as Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum (Irvine, CA @ the former MCAS El Toro), Museum of Flight (Everett, WA), San Diego Air and Space (San Diego, CA), Planes of Fame (Chino, CA),  and various Commemorative Airforce facilities, etc. 

Once the Hangar of Honor completes its tour of duty, the display will go to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society for final display and disposition.

This endeavor is completely a not for profit venture by 2NCO Designs LLC and Legend Flyers.  Anyone wishing to support the mission of the Hangar of Honor please contact us at  [email protected]  or call us at 850.798.6593