Forged In Steel

Forged In Steel (Howell Press Inc. 1987), is the second release of Heater's coffee table books.   With this book, Heater was able to concentrate more on the photography itself, vs. flying and hoping for a photo opportunity to present itself.  Because of the success of "The Cutting Edge", Heater was given the opportunity to photograph Marine air in action during a WTI held by MAWTS-1. In addition to Heater's phenomenal photography,  the book gives insight into the history of Marine aviation as it celebrates its 75th anniversary.  Just as The Cutting Edge inspired thousands, and more to pursue a dream in aviation, so to did Forged In Steel, and this book, was, and still is a highly prized treasure of aviation enthusiasts the world over.

2NCO Designs is humbled and proud to collaborate with Heater and share his love of photography and aviation with you.

This collection features prints from "Forged In Steel" available for purchase as metal or canvas prints by themselves, coffee mugs, or as part of a custom designed piece of art.

Available only at 2NCO Designs LLC.

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AH-1 Cobras on Deck

AH-1 Cobras on the Flight Deck

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USMC TACAIR Jets in the 1990s